Friday, 9 May 2014

PAS’ Unit Amal: Key to Winning Hearts & Minds for GE14


(1)    The recent anti-GST rally was memorable for many reasons. One of the main ones which come to mind is PAS’ Unit Amal. Recognisable by their red uniform and pretty cool berets, they are the peacekeeping or welfare ‘troops’ of PAS. Read on for my analysis of this hearts+minds winning move.
Unit Amal - all ages and sizes. Picture copyright The Star.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Perspectives Matter: On MH370, the South Korean Ferry Tragedy, and Perspectives.

(1) It's been a while since I wrote an article. Time isn't quite a luxury it used to be, and well, I'd rather not write if I cant do justice to the article - or give it enough thought.

(2) Since my last post, many things have happened. MH370 remains a mystery. I'm starting to think that the west-Australia search efforts were just a decoy. Maybe there was something more sinister to it. Oh the conspiracy theories.

(3) Another tragic incident was the sinking ferry in South Korea. The ship carried 476 people. Only 174 survived, leaving more than 302 dead or missing. So far, about 212 bodies have been recovered. Recently a recording was released. A deceased student was able to record the last moments of the ill-fated ferry, and the recording was found in his mobile phone when his body was retrieved. Very sad stuff.

(4) Assuming everyone missing from the ferry incident is dead, it means that it's a 'worse' tragedy than that of MH370. Just to be crystal clear, any death is a tragedy. But the feeling or perception in our national news is that it has been relegated to a lesser story than that of MH370. This could be due to many reasons, including that MH370 is our own national tragedy on an international scale, and the element of mystery means that there is no closure and too much unresolved heartache. Either way, both are still tragedies.

(5) This isn't to say that there's anything wrong with the way the news is told or covered. The point is that there is perspectives matter, and getting as complete a perspective is hugely important before forming opinions.

Perspectives: Understanding GST, Our Rights, And the Real Losers in the "Successful" Anti-GST Rally

Lauded as successful, I'll be looking at the hidden cost of the rally on our people, children, and our democracy. Read on.
Despite the "Success", it's this kind of politics that both sides are breeding.
FYI, I think that the girl in purple is Chinese.


Picture Copyright - The Star

(6) So, the anti-GST rally took place on the 1st of May, labour day. Somehow it appears that Labour Day is a favourite when it comes to taking to the street - quite ironic considering this is a day when people are meant to rest, a day to recognise the hard work of all the good men and women of the workforce.

(7) It's nevertheless totally understandable why people protest - all the hardwork comes to naught if prices go up! We work to earn a living to live, we do not live to work.

(8) So, to many people, 50,000 according to most news website (or amazingly, 1.2 million according to a pemuda PAS tweet), this is an issue that they take to heart. It might, afterall, burn into the wallets of many.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MH370: Our Mortality

In recent weeks, whenever I find myself thinking of something to write, thinking of commenting on some socio-politico issue, I stop myself. I'd ask "Is this appropriate at this point in time?" "Is it worth commenting on this now?"

Perhaps I'm having an existential crisis of sorts. It happens.

Making sense of everything that has been happening isn't easy. But we try.

So here's what's making sense to me at the moment: We are all mortals. And one day we will leave this Earth. We will cease to exist. There is such fragility, uncertainty. Yet we are given the opportunity to be excited and make the most of it.

Deaths happen daily. But it is the magnitude, suddenness of loss, and the feeling of being out of control that has caught on to our conscience.

Perhaps, this was just that reminder we needed.

God Bless everyone.

MH370 . Words.

A national tragedy. An international tragedy.

Families, fathers, mother, grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, in-laws, husbands, wives, children, sons, daughters, cousins, friends, teachers, employees, workers, partners, schoolmates, university mates, teachers...

Local media. International media. Conspiracy theories. Agendas.Verified information. Unverified information. Suspects. Sensationalism.

Social Media. Twitter. Facebook. Social media commentators. #pray

Armchair commentators. Teh Tarik shop gossip.

Malaysia. South China Sea. Indian Ocean. Northern Corridor. Southern Corridor. China. Vietnam.United States of America. Australia. United Kingdom. Russia.

Politics. Barisan Nasional. Pakatan Rakyat. PKR. MCA. Kajang. Selangor. Menteri Besar. Prime Minister. Defense Minister. Acting Transport Minister. Cousins. Civil Service.

Efficiency. Inefficiency. Transparency.



Saturday, 8 March 2014

MH370 ...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families & friends of the crew & passengers of MH370..

We continue to sit here and hope,
For good news to come around,
But even if it is too far a slope,
Your story has kept us bound..

For we are united in our thoughts and prayers for you,
And we hope that our prayers will come true,
For your safety and your lives are important above all others,
And for this moment all of you are our spiritual brothers (and sisters)...

Friday, 7 March 2014

3 Reasons: Why Anwar's Freedom Is More Important to BN Now Than His Guilt

       Anwar's freedom would have been more politically advantageous to Barisan Nasional. Imprisoning him would do BN no favours, and instead put them into an unwanted minefield. Perhaps the Court of Appeal is independent. Perhaps BN actually wanted Anwar to remain a free man. Perhaps my reasons below are sensible. Read on.